Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome Debra St. John

I'm so pleased to host Debra St. John today. She's here to discuss her new novel, This Can't Be Love". Welcome, Debra. 

What was your inspiration for This Can't Be Love?

This Can’t Be Love is the ‘sequel’ to my debut novel from The Wild Rose Press, This Time for Always.  When I first began writing “Always” almost ten years ago, I always imagined it as the first in a trio of books. Sharlie is the heroine in “Always”, and Zach and Jake are her co-workers and friends. I also wanted to feature the guys in stories of their own. “This Can’t Be Love” is Zach’s story. The setting in “Love” is based on a place my husband and I visit each year with friends. It was a blast to have Zach and Jessica explore many of the things we do in real life!

Tell us something about Zach Rawlings...why is he a man a reader could fall in love with?

Like I mentioned, Zach is a secondary character in my first book, but I always knew he deserved, and I wanted to give him, a story of his own. In “Always” he proved to be a loyal and caring friend to Sharlie, so we begin to see a little bit of how wonderful he is even in the first story. Zach is hardworking (Although he doesn’t like to admit it!), trustworthy, honest, and noble. Despite his growing attraction to Jessica, he refuses to take advantage of the situation that has them living in close quarters for a good portion of the book. He sees the past hurt lurking in her eyes and doesn’t want to add to it. (And of course he’s pretty damn sexy, so even despite her wariness, Jessica can’t seem to help herself from falling for him.)

Describe the budding relationship between Jessica and Zach.

When Jessica first meets Zach she wants nothing to do with him. He’s an interloper intruding on the peace and solitude she craved. A recent past relationship has made her unwilling to trust another man, or herself for that matter. As they are forced to spend time together, she comes to know Zach and realizes he’s definitely worthy of her trust. But she still fears it’s too soon to fall in love again.

In your opinion, what qualities does a heroine need?

A heroine needs to be just as heroic as a hero. She can’t always be the damsel in distress, waiting for the white knight to come charging in and rescue her. Not to say that can’t happen, but it’s okay if she rescues him from time to time as well. I like my heroines feisty, but with an underlying vulnerability. She has to be worthy of the hero, just like he needs to be worthy of her.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on the third of my series, which features Jake as the hero. Jake’s a bull rider…pure cowboy through and through. Amber is a city girl…country life bores her to death. The story is tentatively called “This Feels Like Home”.

I also have another completed manuscript (not related to the series) that I’m going to be shopping for a home for in the upcoming months.

I love to have readers visit me at my website, or at The Acme Authors Link (Where I’m the Sunday blogger.) or at Heroines with Hearts (Where I’m the Thursday blogger).

Thanks, Debra. Looking forward to getting to "know" Zach and Jessica.


  1. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so much for having me here today to celebrate the offcial release of "This Can't Be Love". The paperback version came out earlier, but the e-book version is officially released today at The Wild Rose Press.

  2. Happy release day, Debra! I wish you great success. Your fans are in for a great read.

  3. Good luck with the new release. It sounds soooo exciting. I can't wait to read it. I liked your perspective on heros and heroines. I'll need to get the first book as well so I can catch up. Happy writing...barbweitz

  4. Hi Debra - I am so excited to read this book and I love that you don't want your heroine to always need rescuing. Keep us posted on the next books:)

  5. Hi Barb,
    I'll be doing a signing at the end of the month at our C-N meeting! Thanks for always stopping by on my tour.

    Thanks, as always for your support. It was nice chatting with you earlier this week!

  6. Thanks for giving us the background on your characters, Deb. I really enjoyed your other books and am sure that this one will give more of the same. Can't wait to read!

  7. Great blog Debra! Your heroine is my kinda heroine. I wish you the very best of sales! Good luck!!!

  8. Hi Pamala, As always, you are so kind!

    Mary, Hello! Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Good luck with yor new release, Debra. I love the sound of your heroine - feisty but vulnerable, much more appealing than the damsel in distress!

  10. Thanks for sharing with us, Debra! Looking forward to more books in the future :)

  11. Just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your e-book release! I wish you the best!